The Kinoko Journey
Begins Now

Kinoko Mushrooms was crafted with the passion that your better self is right around the corner. With consistency, hard work and constant improvement, you can reach a higher level of wellness. We channel our passion into everything we create, from studying the latest trends in food and health science to adjusting our brand and product for your needs, everything and anything we do can has room for improvement.

We Innovate
When Others Impersonate

We understand that there are so many health products out there and many companies are looking for a quick and easy way to get into an innovative space for short term cash. Not us.

Our journey to wellness will not be short or simple, but our passion for bringing quality, lab tested, data driven, premium products to you is what we strive for.

Quality & Consistency
Breeds Results

All things of worth and value to your wellness take time and produce the best results from consistency. We apply this rule to all of our products and understand that creating the best wellness products does not take days, but months and years of research and testing.

Making Mushrooms
a Mindset

The core ingredient behind all of our innovation is our belief in the power of mushrooms. An ancient organism with unbelievable potential that is unfamiliar to the current culture and market, which we plan to expose and pioneer. We will do everything it takes to prove and promote the importance of mushrooms and how they can lead you to a better life.

The Future of Wellness Awaits